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12/7 - Picture Day

1/5 - Teacher work day; no school


                                    HELPING OUR COMMUNITY     HELPING OUR STUDENTS

We have at least 5 families that we hope to provide Grocery gift cards to for the holiday season and winter break to keep their families fed.  We have also been informed of a recently widowed Mom with 7 children in our school community. Northwestern will use the donations to purchase gift cards for all of these families. 

Please contact with any questions. 

As part of the holiday luncheon that we provide for NMS faculty and staff before the holiday break, PTO collects $10 gift cards. At the luncheon in December, faculty and staff will be able to select a gift card (or two).  If you would like to help but don't want to purchase the gift cards yourself, you cn donate here and PTO will use all donated funds to purchase gift cards. 


Help direct students for picture day.  Grades will be going with their connections class; click the link to see times.



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We recognize this school year has put us all in unprecedented waters filled with challenges.  What others see as obstacles we see as a renewed challenge to continue to spread kindness to our teachers and staff and enrich students’ days.   We continue to find ways to provide enrichment activities, educational resources, items to help facilitate a safe return of face-to-face learning, family enrichment programs that benefit every student, and so much more.  


We would greatly appreciate your help meeting these wonderful goals.  To help, you can join PTO or simply donate to the Enrichment Fund and/or the Return to Face-to-Face Fund.  Simply click the image to the left or the “Join PTO” link at the top left corner.  Thank you for your support!







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