Join PTO!

Common PTO Myths


“If I join the PTO, I will be roped into volunteering for something.”

  • The PTO appreciates everyone’s membership; however, your membership does not require you to do anything! If volunteering is your thing, GREAT! We have opportunities for you to help. But if you just want to be a financial supporter at this point in time, that is great as well! All help is truly appreciated!

“The PTO is only for stay-at-home parents with nothing better to do.”

  • Many of your fellow PTO members are working parents who simply want to take an active role in supporting the students and staff at NMS.

“I joined PTO last year, so my membership is still good.”

  • The PTO budget is reset in July of each year. That means that funds are needed each new school to support initiatives for that school year.

“I don’t have time to join PTO.”

  • We completely understand that for many, volunteering is simply not possible. Your financial support is just as appreciated as your volunteer time! It takes a village, any contribution, whether it be of time or money, is helpful to achieving our goals of supporting NMS.

“I have to be an officer or a chair to join PTO.”

  • You do not have to hold a PTO office or be the chair of a program to join PTO.

“I’ll get roped into volunteering if I attend a PTO meeting.”

  • Our meetings are primarily for getting administrative updates from Mr. Peterson, and PTO updates from our VP’s and chairs. This is a no judgment zone – we are all here to make NMS the best it can be! We can all contribute differently. Even if it is “only” by being present at the meetings and providing feedback on items which are shared, it is still important!

“I have an idea, but the PTO is not interested in what I have to say.”

  • We all started out just as parents with ideas and wanting to be involved in our children’s education in some way. We need new ideas! You may have the next great idea that will make NMS even better!

“The PTO has all the help that they need.”

  • We can always use more volunteers, input, ideas, energy…the bottom line is, if you want to be involved in any way (big or small), we have space for you! You bring a unique perspective, come share it with us!